Laminate Veneers

A beautiful smile is a crucial factor positively influencing an individual’s self-confidence and social life. However, various reasons can lead to issues like discoloration, fractures, cracks, and shape irregularities in the teeth. These problems can adversely affect the aesthetic appearance of a person’s smile. Laminate veneers are thin porcelain coverings attached to the front surface of teeth. These coverings are used to alter the color, shape, and size of teeth. Since these veneers cause minimal damage to tooth enamel, they represent a highly conservative treatment method. Both the quality and cost of laminate veneer in Turkey advantageous compared to many European countries.

How is Laminate Veneers Treatment Performed?

Patients seeking Laminate Veneer treatment undergo a thorough examination by an experienced dentist, and necessary preliminary analyses are conducted. If the dentist determines that the problems faced by the patient can be resolved with veneer treatment, the treatment process is initiated. Before proceeding with the treatment, measurements are taken from the patient’s teeth, and a MockUp procedure is carried out. This stage simulates the expected appearance before and after the treatment, providing an essential guide.

Prior to the trial appointment, temporary teeth are applied to the patient. Based on the measurements taken, the teeth are designed, and the color and shape of the teeth are determined, taking into account the patient’s expectations and smile line. During the trial stages, adjustments can be made based on the patient’s opinions and requests. Once clarity is achieved regarding tooth lengths, color, and form, the porcelain veneer is attached to the tooth surface using special adhesives for this procedure. When the final stages are completed, the treatment process is generally concluded within 3-10 days.


Laminate veneers are an effective treatment method used to enhance the appearance of teeth, offering numerous advantages.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: These veneers provide a natural look to the teeth, which is one of their most significant advantages. Veneers can be utilized to change the color, shape, and size of teeth, resulting in a whiter, more even, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Durability: Veneers are crafted from highly durable materials, aiding in protecting teeth from external factors. Additionally, these veneers are resistant to impacts, wear, and staining.
  • Conservative Treatment: Veneers made from this material are a highly conservative treatment option since they cause minimal damage to tooth enamel. This makes laminate veneers more advantageous compared to other treatment methods. In other treatment methods like porcelain crowns, more of the tooth is typically prepared by cutting, which can compromise the natural structure of the tooth. This veneers, on the other hand, involve minimal intervention into the tooth enamel, preserving the natural structure of the tooth.
  • Short Treatment Duration: This treatment is usually completed in a few sessions, making veneers more advantageous compared to other treatment methods. In other treatment methods like porcelain crowns, the completion of treatment may take several months. With veneers, the treatment is generally completed within a few weeks.

Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world’s most popular destinations for laminate veneer treatment. Both the quality and cost of laminate veneer in Turkey are more advantageous compared to many European countries.

Laminate veneer in Turkey is generally completed in four stages:

  • Stage: Examination and Planning: In this stage, the dentist examines the patient and assesses whether laminate veneer treatment is necessary. If deemed necessary, the dentist prepares a treatment plan.
  • Stage: Taking Measurements: In this stage, the dentist takes measurements of the teeth. These measurements will be used for the production of laminate veneers.
  • Stage: Production of Laminate Veneers: In this stage, this veneers are produced in the laboratory based on the measurements provided by the dentist.
  • Stage: Application of Laminate Veneers: In this stage, this veneers are applied to the teeth.

Applications of Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneers offer an effective solution in various situations to enhance dental aesthetics. This method is particularly effective in regulating the natural color of teeth to achieve the desired level of whiteness. Additionally, it can successfully correct the shape of misaligned or broken teeth, eliminating aesthetic issues that negatively impact a person’s smile.

Veneers are also used for adjustments in tooth size. Through this treatment, the size of the teeth is regulated, ensuring they achieve the desired length and proportions. In this way, patients can benefit from the advantages of obtaining permanent and aesthetically satisfying results with a single application.

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Frequently Asked Question

How long does this procedure take?
This procedure is typically completed in 2-3 sessions. In the first session, the dentist conducts an examination and prepares the treatment plan. Measurements of the teeth are taken in the second session. In the third session, the laminate veneers are applied to the teeth.
The cost for this procedure can vary based on the quality of the laminate veneers, the procedures involved, and the city where the treatment is performed.
Does this procedure damage tooth enamel? This procedure causes minimal damage to tooth enamel. The dentist prepares the laminate veneers according to the natural shape of the teeth, ensuring minimal intervention in the tooth enamel.
This procedure can also be used to change the shape of the teeth. However, in cases where the teeth are severely misaligned, orthodontic treatment may be necessary.
After this procedure, it is important to regularly brush the teeth and use dental floss. Additionally, avoiding hard foods is recommended.