All On 6

Tooth loss is a common issue affecting many people today, significantly impacting their quality of life. Missing teeth can make basic functions like eating, speaking, and smiling more challenging, also negatively affecting confidence. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides permanent and aesthetic solutions to this problem. All on 6 treatment is one of them.

All on 6 is a procedure where a fixed prosthesis is placed on 6 implants inserted into the jawbone. This method is an ideal solution for fully edentulous patients and can be completed in a single session.

The Benefits of All on 6

All on 6 treatment offers significant advantages for fully edentulous patients. Some of these advantages include:

Quick and Convenient: All on six treatment is much faster and more convenient compared to traditional implant therapies. Being completed in a single session eliminates the need for patients to wait for an extended period. This allows patients to quickly regain their new teeth and start smiling.

Comfortable and Painless: All on siz treatment is performed under local anesthesia and is generally painless. Through modern dental techniques and experienced dentists, patients do not experience any discomfort during the procedure.

High Success Rate: The success rate of All on six treatment is quite high. Proper planning and implementation ensure that the implants can be used for many years.

Natural Appearance and Functionality: All on siz prostheses are designed to closely resemble natural teeth, providing patients with a natural smile and chewing ability. Patients can speak, laugh, and eat comfortably with their new teeth.

Long-lasting: All on siz implants and prostheses can be used for many years with proper care. Regular dental check-ups and oral hygiene maintenance can extend the life of the implants.

Other Benefits:

  • Prevents bone loss
  • Increases confidence
  • Improves quality of life
  • Resolves speech and chewing problems
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance

With all these benefits, All on 6 treatment offers an ideal solution for fully edentulous patients.

Who Can Get All on 6 Implants?

The All on six implant technique is designed for those who want to have implants throughout an entire dental arch. It offers a slightly more cost-effective solution for missing teeth treatment and provides a better appearance compared to dentures. Additionally, they are more comfortable due to their extra functionality.

The six implants used in the All on six implant technique provide extra strength to the jawbone. They can help prevent bone loss that may occur due to missing teeth. They are much more reliable for those seeking a long-term solution. The main difference from All on four is the additional strength it provides to the jaw structure.

Every patient’s situation is different when it comes to getting implants. If you want to get All on six implants, it’s essential for your oral and overall health to be in good condition. Your dentist will determine if you are suitable for the treatment through imaging techniques such as three-dimensional tomography.

All on 6 Prices in Turkey

The prices for All on 6 in Turkey can vary depending on factors such as the brand of implants used, the location of the clinic, and the experience of the dentist.

Other factors that can affect All on 6 in Turkey pricing include:

  • Patient’s overall health condition: Some health issues may increase the risk of implant treatment, which can affect the cost of treatment.
  • Additional necessary treatments: The need for additional treatments such as bone grafting can also increase the cost of treatment.
  • Preferred type of prosthesis: Different types of prostheses have different prices.

Implantation Process

All on 6 implants offer many advantages. But how are All on six implants made? For implant treatment, the patient’s oral and dental examination is conducted initially. Some chronic conditions like diabetes can prevent the placement of All on six implants. Therefore, your dentist takes a detailed medical history. After necessary checks, an expert oral surgeon, if deems appropriate for the All on six implant technique, identifies the areas in the jawbone where implants will be placed.

After taking the mouth’s measurements, implants are custom-made for the individual in a laboratory setting based on this plan. All on six Implants consist of a system where 6 implants are fixed together, and different materials such as titanium, zirconium are used in the production of implants.

All on six treatment, offered by experienced dentists in many clinics in Turkey like Our Dentist Abroad, provides a life-changing solution for fully edentulous patients. With its quick, practical, comfortable, aesthetic, and long-lasting nature, All on six helps you regain your confidence and significantly improve your quality of life.

At Our Dentist Abroad, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality All on 6 in Turkey at the most affordable prices.


Frequently Asked Question

How painful is the All On four treatment?
All On four treatment is a minimally invasive procedure and causes less pain and discomfort compared to traditional implant therapies. Local anesthesia is applied during the treatment, and painkillers are provided afterward to control any discomfort.
At Ourdentistabroad, there is no need for temporary dentures after All On 4 treatment. Your permanent dentures will be placed on the same day, allowing you to start smiling with your new teeth immediately.
The recovery time for All On four treatment can vary from person to person. Typically, you can return to your daily life within a few days. Full recovery may take several months.
If properly planned and implemented, All On 4 treatment offers a long-term solution. You can extend the lifespan of your implants with regular oral care and dental check-ups.
Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not cover All On four treatment. At Ourdentistabroad, we offer personalized payment plans and financing options for you.